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Photo Post Sun, Jun. 10, 2012 7 notes

Such a great quote to live by :)

Such a great quote to live by :)

Forever and Always Written With You In Mind.

If the world ceased to spin, 
You could start it again with just one smile
If the seas turn to sand,
With the wave of your hand it would rain for miles
But the thought of you gone
Makes everything wrong in my life
So stay right here, right now
'Cause without you I'm a disaster
And you’re my ever after
Just thought you should know♥

Text Post Sun, Jun. 10, 2012 6 notes

Falling Up.

You reached me in my need
Your rhythm flows under my skin
I need you desperately,
A sweet healing that will begin
You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
My everything is you
The very motions that I move
And everything with richness
The richness of the peace you bring;
All of my dreams and my passions
Are in your hands.♥

Video Post Sun, Jun. 10, 2012 23 notes

And there you were, and I fell right back immediately. I love you. <3